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A Small tap can change the world

The way people pay is changing, which means the way people want to donate to charities is changing too.

With fewer people carrying cash, the opportunity to give adhoc donations has diminished. However, today most people carry some form of contactless card and research has shown that contactless transactions are increasing year and year – presenting a huge opportunity for charities to take contactless donations.

Tap For Change exists to give all charities access to contactless donation boxes for all their fundraising needs – from short-term events to long-term installations.

We’re making charity donations easier than ever

Our aim is simple. We want to enable charities to take donations through contactless boxes – wherever they are.

We’ve built a contactless technology and donation platform that give charities and fundraisers the chance to get their hands on contactless donation devices as quickly, easily and cost efficiently as possible – whether you need it for a one off event, a longer campaign or permanently.

If you are a UK registered charity and you’re interested in accepting contactless donations then please complete our form and LibertyPay will be in touch.

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A Safe and secure device for your charity

We’re partnering with LibertyPay, the leading experts in charity payments, who have built a product and technology platform that is compliant, safe and secure – as well as ensuring they understand all of your payment needs. Got some questions?

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Do you want to rent a box for your collections?

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